Every home offers endless opportunities to be adorned by beautiful colours and shades. There are so many beautiful colours that can make any corner acquire a significant look and appearance. You can paint every room in a different colour or make a statement painted wall to display your favourite pictures or make the children’s room a riot of colours! There are so many ways painted walls can be used to magnify the beauty of the house.

Not just within but also the exteriors of the home can be experimented and painted with colours of your choice. A fresh and neatly painted home or office space gives a well maintained and organized look. Peter Decorating can make your walls come to life!

Interior Painting

Interior painting is one of the most personal painting among all. We understand all of your needs.  We know how important it is to select the appropriate colour combination your home's interior. We pay careful attention to every surface, corner and narrow area, demonstrating our broad knowledge and experience. Our dedicated team of painters will ensure you get what you are want.

Interior projects like sheltering the furniture, masking all surfaces adjacent to the working area and including all the safety measures prior to any painting need careful planning. We take great pride and responsibility in going the extra mile in protecting your belongings, treating your interior with extra affection. Peter Painters & Decorators will clean and pack up equipment that has been used and leave your interior clean and tidy.

Exterior Painting

Peter Painting & Decorating offers exterior revitalizations and painting services second to none. Our exterior painting team knows the importance of customer satisfaction and excels at outdoor painting, deck staining, window reconstructions and more. We can finish all of your exterior painting tasks with precision, dependability and flawlessness all tied up with minimum distraction and no mess whatsoever.

All of our exterior related projects are polished to project beauty, vibrancy and charm to your home. Preparation is the key at what we do and we treat it with great care. We understand every customer’s desires which is why Peter Painting & Decorating goes above the competition in Liverpool.


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